Dog Wellness Weekend


About the Project

FMN achieved yet another milestone by actively participating in the groundbreaking collaboration between Dr. Lazaros Karanasios, affectionately known as Kalaazar, and fitness instructor Fenia Tsiftsaki. This distinctive and enjoyable weekend, held from July 9th to 11th of 2021 against the breathtaking backdrop of the Cyclades on the beautiful island of Tzia, marked a spectacular chapter in creating memorable experiences. The exclusive event, hosted at the luxurious boutique hotel ‘Agrikea,’ unfolded as a symphony of wellness, relaxation, and unforgettable moments for both participants and their cherished pets. From the captivating Sunset Doga to the invigorating Dogilates program, participants immersed themselves in a unique blend of fun, fitness, and bonding with their canine companions.

The event also featured an enlightening Q&A session on pet nutrition by FARMINA, a Photo Challenge by the Pool, and a grand finale with trekking and a picnic, where the significance of pet supplements was discussed. Special guests such as entrepreneur Mirketa Vidali, actor Ioannis Athanasopoulos, journalist Despina Kampouri, and shoe designer Anna Despotopoulou added their unique flair to the weekend, making it an unforgettable experience

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