About the Project

Thirteen years ago, FMN’s founder, Nikos Michalos, had a visionary idea – to integrate new Greek designers into the influential world of Madwalk. This sparked the birth of Designers Lab, an initiative that has evolved into a profound collaboration between FMN and the dynamic force that is Madwalk.

Over the past five years, this collaboration has grown organically, moving beyond conventional boundaries. FMN’s strategic involvement now includes narrative crafting and digital amplification, transforming the annual Madwalk showcase into a cultural phenomenon. This collaborative effort not only empowers designers but also significantly enhances FMN’s brand visibility as a champion of creativity. The impact is not confined to runway moments; it resonates in the enduring cultural significance created, showcasing a steadfast commitment to shaping the narrative of Greek fashion globally. As FMN and Madwalk continue their parallel journey, the collaboration stands as a beacon of support for the creative spirit of Greece.

The ongoing commitment to the Madwalk event reflects FMN’s dedication to nurturing talent, shaping narratives, and being a driving force behind the evolution of Greek design on the global stage. Each step forward reinforces the profound impact of collaboration, creativity, and shared aspirations, marking a remarkable journey in celebrating and uplifting emerging Greek designers.

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