Musical Love – The Unplagued Concert


About the Project

FMN celebrates a significant achievement through its active participation in the impactful “Musical Love – The Unplagued Concert” challenge, conducted in collaboration with 24MEDIA. As part of this notable initiative, 24MEDIA has generously donated €10,000 to bolster support for healthcare and social structures affected by COVID-19. This remarkable activation featured a stellar lineup, including Giorgos Afroudakis with Giorgos Sabanis, Maria Sakkari with Anna Vissi, and other distinguished figures from Greek sports and music. FMN takes pride in contributing to this collective effort, marking a successful milestone in our ongoing commitment to creating positive change. The funds donated by 24MEDIA are a testament to our joint dedication in overcoming challenges posed by the pandemic. This achievement reinforces FMN’s position as a proactive force in making a meaningful impact on pressing issues.

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