Wolt x FMN


About the Project

In celebration of Mother’s Day, FMN partnered with Wolt to launch a heartwarming initiative featuring seven remarkable women: Elena Asimakopoulou, Manto Gasteratou, Jenny Theona, Despina Kampouri, Elli Kokkinou, Katerina Papoutsaki, and Olga Farmaki. Each woman shared touching stories of love and care from their mothers, recounting the influence of their upbringing and reflecting on their own experiences as mothers. FMN, taking charge of the concept and production, collaborated with Wolt to create a series of compelling short-form videos. 

The campaign, strategically promoted across various social media platforms, not only pays tribute to the essence of Mother’s Day but also highlights the profound impact of maternal relationships. This collaboration showcases the power of storytelling and the meaningful connections that unite generations, supported by the creative expertise of FMN and the backing of Wolt.

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